25 Years of Leadership in Loyalty-Marketing Software

DENVER, September 24, 2018: Gaming Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (GHS): Join us in celebrating 25 years of software and process innovation in loyalty-marketing automation and offer management for casino, cruise and the convenience store industries.

GHS was founded in 1993 to provided marketing automation and financial tools to the casino and hospitality industries.  Since 1993, the company has worked closely with industry leaders to create the innovative software tools required for its customers to be leaders in their fast-changing, loyalty-centric casino and hospitality domain.

GHS has expanded its products over the years to address the end-to-end cruise experience and provide a seamless experience for passengers through the purchase, earn-in and consumption cycles of tier rewards, packages and the multitude of services and offerings being extended to cruise enthusiasts.

With the rapid expansion of tribal casino and business operations around the United States, GHS has further expanded its offerings to extend casino tier benefits, electronic couponing and automated incentives programs to the C-Store environment of fuel dispensers, car washes and points of sale in the convenience and travel centers, smoke shops and other non-casino, tribal enterprises.

ABOUT GHS: Gaming Hospitality Solutions, Inc.(GHS) is a loyalty-enablement, marketing-automation and offer management solutions company serving casinos, cruise lines and convenience store operations in the delivery of electronic marketing services to help grow brands by enhancing guest experience, increasing revenue and extending the reach of the GHS loyalty customers.  http://www.ghsloyalty.com.