GHS March 16, 2020

GHS would like to provide some important guidance for those operators who intend on pausing their operations. The following guidance is important for business continuity reasons. We urge all customers who are considering any type of pause or suspension of business to read the following important notes:

Convenience Store (Fuel Dispensers)

If suspension of operations for your business includes a shutdown of c-store and specifically the fuel dispensers please keep the following in mind. Current dispenser models for all manufactures include security modules that may, if powered off for extended periods of time, require a service technician to perform a reset or reload. GHS recommends that you leave power ON to the dispensers, place them in reserved mode if you choose not to allow unattended operation and then either physically lock the dispenser handles or consider powering offer the submersible pump controllers.  


The station equipment site controllers (NexGen) units contains a SCRAM memory battery that will discharge over time. To prevent this the NeXGen unit should remain powered on. If all power is removed from the station the NeXGen unit should be removed and placed where it can be attached to power with the unit ON.

Card Readers

If the station equipment is to be left un-monitored for an extended period of time we strongly suggest that you attach tamper seals to your card reader access points to avoid skimmer devices being installed while station is out of operation.

GHS Server Equipment

If you plans include powering offer GHS servers please remember to stop (HALT) the application services and then application databases, for a graceful shutdown, before removing power from the servers.  

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact the GHS support desk at 720-213-8055.

Thank you for your understanding and continued business.

Best Regards,
Gary Kortz

ABOUT GHS: Gaming Hospitality Solutions, Inc.(GHS)  is a loyalty-enablement, marketing-automation and offer management solutions company serving casinos, cruise lines and convenience store operations in the delivery of electronic marketing services to help grow brands by enhancing guest experience, increasing revenue and extending the reach of the GHS loyalty customers.