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Enabling fluid customer experience across your enterprise


How to enrich your existing loyalty programs, continuously engage your guests and simplify the entire process?

GHS understands that as operators you have a broad set of services and offerings for your guests to make their experience a complete one.  We also understand that your strategies can be limited by the tools you have at your disposal to express these opportunities to your guests at the appropriate time in their journey.

GHS provides you the tools to focus on your objective – enhanced customer experience plus strategic programming and revenue generation –  and to craft and execute on the creative marketing and offer strategies you require to meet your objective. And all with simplicity, automation and to reach your customers where ever they are.

GHS brings 25 years of intellectual property development to the creation of automated, integrated and precision offer management software tools, providing loyalty-enablement and marketing automation.  The GHS portfolio uniquely enables you to leverage your existing investment in loyalty, casino, food and beverage, hotel and other software systems while creating the cross-business loyalty programs you envision to create personalized and meaningful memories that drive engagement and revenue.  Take a closer look and see how we are putting intelligence and automation into the discipline of loyalty. Let the GHS systems do the work while you focus on the strategy.


Taking Customer Loyalty to The Next Level


How to create dynamic and automated offers that can target outlets, specific products, specific hours in the day and or days in the week across a mix of segments while facilitating automated redemption, up-selling, cross-selling and linking new offers all based on your business, your strategy and customer preferences and behaviors?  How do you package this all so it will operate for you dynamically and allow you to focus on the strategy and details?


GHS LEEP™ for Casino provides you and your marketing team the tools you need to craft the offers and programs you require to create the fluid customer experience across all offerings in your resort.  Allow your guests’ behaviors and spending patterns to determine what offers will be extended to them, when, for what and for what value.  Craft the programs you require.  Unleash your creative loyalty mind and let GHS make it all reality.

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