Convenience Centers

Extend your casino loyalty program to your convenience center


How do I maximize my convenience store and casino?

Just another convenience operation?  We think not. Loyalty enabled between your casino, fuel sales, your convenience store or smoke shop allow you to offer attractive benefits for your loyal patrons.  Casino tier discount programs, pay at the pump with points or comp-value, marketing offers at the pump, car wash programs, extending benefits to your employees and tribe, managing your fleet vehicle fueling –  you can be creative – and your customers will be delighted.


Loyalty in Convenience – The Only Limit, Your Imagination


How do I seamlessly integrate casino loyalty benefits to my C-Store operation and incent my C-Store guests to visit the casino?  How can I enable payment for fuel with loyalty points? Is it possible to extend benefits to my employees and tribe, manage my fleet or offer automated benefits for our local fire and police departments?  What are my options?


GHS LEEP™ for Convenience is a suite of tools that facilitate a nearly limitless set of possibilities for enabling loyalty at the pump, in your C-Store and Casino operations.  Use points and electronic offers at the pump or motivate your c-store customers to visit your casino or restaurants today with timed offers.  Offer discounts based on volume or extend discounted or free car washes to your casino players. Whatever your ideas, GHS provides the tools to enable nearly limitless offer possibilities and the ability to link these offers to continuously and automatically motivate your customers.

Pay with Points

Offers at the Pump

Tribal Cards

Tier Benefits

At the Dispenser  –  Car Wash  –  Retail  –  Extended Casino Benefits  –  Cross-sell  –  Acquire new Loyalty Members

Convenience Store Economics

“Fuel your loyalty program and drive your casino and c-store revenues.”