Set sail with a fully integrated cruise experience.


How You Can Enable a Fully Automated Guest Loyalty Experience from Booking to Disembarking

Let GHS bring your cruise loyalty program to full speed ahead. Your imagination and creativity should set the standard for what your passengers experience – not the technology.  Tier benefits, packages, automated up-selling, special offers, excursions – all programmable on demand to allow you to adapt the customized cruise experience, drive revenue and bring your cruisers back happier and more frequently.


Taking Cruise Loyalty to The Next Level


Packages and excursions, retail offers and tier benefits.  Deliver exceptional passenger experience while facilitating automated communication and redemption of any benefit or offer you might wish to extend throughout the guest journey.  How does one communicate this in the stateroom, at the POS, Wayfinders or on their mobile. How can you up-sell and dynamically configure offers before and during the cruise to leverage your available inventory, capacity and perks.


GHS LEEP™ for Cruise is a comprehensive suite of tools that enable the cruise operator to construct, communicate and automatically redeem nearly any available offering, eliminate paper and manual process and provide inquiry and redemption at any electronic touch point available on board.  Automate the journey for your passengers and eliminate errors.  Let GHS LEEP™ for Cruise provide you the toolkit to unleash the cruising experience.


Tier Benefits


Dining & Entertainment


Upgrades  –  Promotions  –  Internet Services  –  Custom Offers  –  Mobility  –  Kiosks  – State Room TV


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