About Us

The GHS Story

25 Years Quietly Setting the Gold Standard in Loyalty

01. Expert Software

At the heart of the GHS story is expert software uniquely constructed over 25 years of industry collaboration providing the capabilities to define, create and implement the most compelling loyalty programs imaginable.


You know your customers;  you know your strategy.  GHS provides the offer management tools and enterprise wide integrations to design, implement and automate nearly any imaginable tier benefit, offer and or linked promotion you require to meet your loyalty objectives.

03. Loyalty Unleashed

Unleash your Loyalty! Loyalty enablement is at the heart of the GHS mission.  Reach your customers at any technology touch-point. Construct programs with precision in location, product, time and qualification as required to enable the most fluid customer experience.

Proven Track Record

25 Years of Success

Steeped in 25 years of development and industry collaboration, GHS provides a rich set of software products coupled with an expert industry practice and mature integrations to facilitate the most creative loyalty and offer programs imaginable in casino, cruise and convenience store operations.

Proven Success

Winners & Losers

In our modern, loyalty-driven world, there are, and will always be, winners and losers.  Winners often attribute their success to their keen focus on customers and loyalty to their brand.  Remaining nimble and relevant in the eyes of your customers is central to that success.  GHS brings to bear the loyalty enablement tools required to set yourself apart in your industry, your market and with your products.

The History

Whats Behind GHS

Founded in 1993, GHS remains true to plan: deliver superior applications, focused on marketing automation, offer management and loyalty enablement.  Since its founding in 1993, the ideas and requirements have grown, and the GHS LEEP™ suite of products has evolved to become an unmatched, system-agnostic toolkit for the business.

GHS LEEP™ is a mature, open platform that enables operators to create  and automate loyalty-marketing programs to satisfy today’s on-demand, experience-driven consumer. GHS LEEP™ functions across the enterprise, enabling offers for any services or products you provide, and servicing customers through any feasible point of engagement whether point of sale, casino system, hotel, gas pump, kiosk, mobility or web portal to name a few.

GHS has expanded its practices over the past two decades to include cruise lines and gas station convenience stores with open API’s to facilitate nearly any end user touchpoint, system or service.  It has refined its technology to facilitate expression of offers and programs to patrons through the array of services, devices and channels available in today’s complex and media-rich world of the modern integrated resort. All this has been achieved while maintaining simplicity for the marketer, so they can concentrate on the customer experience and the desired outcomes. Customer loyalty is a complex discipline, but it separates the winners from the losers.


What We Do Best


Simple, complex, automated redemption, dynamic, linked offers, flexible and across the enterprise


Design Tier benefits, static or dynamic, the way you need them for the benefits you wish to extend


Integrated to a broad set of industry standard systems and enabled through a mature and open API


Accept and create or manage cards for employees, tribal members, fleets, hotel, golf or other loyalty programs


Extend your offers to customers via any available electronic channel including POS, kiosk, mobility, stateroom TV’s, portals, BYOD and more


Automated delivery, qualification, redemption and linking. Bring precision offers to you customers on demand based on any product, location, service or timeframe