LEEP™ for Casino
Your Toolkit for Creating a “Fluid Loyalty Experience” Across Your Enterprise

Enabling Technologies

Super-Charge Your Casino Loyalty Program

You operate more than just a casino.  In fact, you operate one of the most consolidated hospitality and entertainment centers available to consumers in modern day.  So how can you funnel the right offers at the right time to the appropriate patrons for the services and products they most desire?  Enter LEEP™ for Casino.  Your “Loyalty Enterprise Enablement Platform”.

Your Complete Loyalty Enablement Toolkit

Offer management, marketing automation, dynamic earn-in, product specific, location specific, auto-segmenting. A Loyalty Management dream come true.

Offer Creation

Create what you need. F&B, fuel, entertainment, casino, hotel, packages, tiered. Drive the outcomes you required. Define the what, when, who, where and how with total flexibility.

Offer Issuance

Electronic issuance based on Offer Matrix & Segmentation list.
Bulk loader, automated loading. Dynamically generated offer issuance based on qualifying spend or activities.

Redemption Control

Control of redemption based on attributes of the offer. Where(location, outlet), when(day part, day of week etc.), who(static, dynamic), what(any, category, sku, etc.), how much (quantity, value, frequency). At defined end points or with specific e-coupon.

End Point control

Facilitate and control end point inquiry and redemption at devices and end points including
Point of Sale, Kiosk, front desk, mobile, Loyalty Club, web, and more.

Custom Loyalty/Membership cards

Create custom loyalty or member ship cards for golf, tribal members, employees, vendors, spa, hotel etc
Establish custom loyalty programs, earnings, redemption rules for each

Loyalty & Non-Loyalty offers

Control every aspect of your offers to Loyalty and non-Loyalty segments of customers. Maximum flexibility in creating the appropriate programs for your business


Financial, audit & offer redemption detailed reporting


Integration with your favorite casino management system, point of sale, hotel, kiosk and mobility to name a few.  Leverage the LEEP™ API to work with and through any of your preferred systems or devices.

Gift Cards

Create, issue and manage your own Gift Card program with GHS LEEP™ for Casino.



“Loyalty Enterprise Enablement Platform”  – a framework of software products facilitating fluid engagement and a progressive journey for patrons across the broadest spectrum of services and experiential touch points in the designated hospitality eco-system.