LEEP™ for C-Store
25 Years Quietly Setting the Gold Standard in Loyalty

Enabling Technologies

Link Your Casino Loyalty with Your C-Stores

Your C-Store is a natural and often more frequented outlet that your casino and restaurants. So how do you extend your casino loyalty benefits to the fuel dispenser and your car wash to increase revenue, cross-promote with your casino and hotel, or your spa and golf course?   Enter LEEP™ for C-Stores.  Your “Loyalty Enterprise Enablement Platform” and toolkit for dynamic and integrated loyalty services, e-couponing and creative loyalty marketing.

Loyalty Enablement Specialists

GHS delivers superior applications, focused on marketing automation, offer management and loyalty enablement.

Offer Creation

Design and creation  of simple to complex offers
Defining what, when, where, who

Offer Issuance

Electronic issuance based on Offer Matrix &* Segmentation list
Bulk loader automated loading

Redemption Control

Control of redemption based on attributes of the offer
Where, when, who, what, how much
At defined End points

End Point control

Facilitate and control end point inquiry and redemption at devices and end points including
Point of Sale, Kiosk, front desk, mobile, Loyalty Club, portal etc

Custom Loyalty/Membership cards

Create custom loyalty or member ship cards for golf, tribal members, employees, vendors, spa, hotel etc
Establish custom loyalty programs, earnings, redemption rules for each

Gift Cards

Create, issue and manage your own Gift Card program from w/in GHS LEEP


Financial, audit & offer redemption detailed reporting


Detailed transactional analytics

Loyalty & Non-Loyalty offers

Control every aspect of your offers to Loyalty and non-Loyalty segments of customers
Maximum flexibility in creating the appropriate programs for your business

"Our C-Stores and smoke shops have become a natural extension to our casino, GHS provides us opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to achieve"